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What devices are compatible with the FlexiView360 stand?

The FlexiView360 is designed to accommodate a variety of devices, especially excelling with iPads and larger tablets due to its robust build and stability.

How does the FlexiView360 stand enhance my workspace ergonomics?

Its adjustable angles allow for optimal viewing, reducing neck strain and improving posture by allowing you to keep the device at eye level.

Can the FlexiView360 stand accommodate devices in protective cases?

Yes, the FlexiView360 stand is built to hold devices with or without protective cases, providing versatility and convenience.

What materials is the FlexiView360 stand made of, and is it durable?

The stand is constructed with high-grade materials designed for durability and long-lasting use, ensuring it can support larger devices securely.

How do I adjust the angles on the FlexiView360 stand, and will it stay in place once adjusted?

The FlexiView360 features an intuitive adjustment mechanism that securely locks into place, maintaining your chosen angle until you decide to adjust it again.